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REALISTIC HAIR SIMULATION Here at Scalp.ink your treatment is carried out by a professionally qualified practitioner. Highly realistic hair simulation scalp tricopigmentation is a temporary & safe version of scalp Micropigmentation. It's a solution for hair loss that involves the placement of tiny pigment deposits within the upper dermis of the scalp. Each tiny deposit is designed to replicate & give the illusion of an individual shaven hair follicle. When thousands of deposits are combined & blended the result is an incredible, realistic simulation of a full head of shaven hair. Treatment is scalp specific!! Unlike tattoo & semi permanent make up machines Tricopigmentation equipment & pigments have been specifically developed to work only on the particular type of skin found on the scalp. Even the Tricopigmentation needle is different from any other needle. It is specifically designed to allow the technician to release the correct quantity of pigment at a consistent depth, the result-perfectly looking hair follicles.
Tricopigmentation is an increasingly more popular alternative to other solutions. It's non-invasive & offers exceptional results when applied by a well trained technician. Tricopigmentation can help - replenish lost hairline - camouflage scars - is a great visual correction for alopecia - loss of hair density - treat male pattern baldness Unlike a tattoo, the pigments we use do not discolour, turn blue or green but will just fade away in readiness for your next treatment or reshape. Scalp pigmentation is such a life changer for those who do suffer!!